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Things That Go Bump In The Night

bump in the night oicture

I’ve always been afraid of the dark.  It’s embarrassing to admit, even at 66 years old I still need some light on when I go to bed at night, but I came by it honestly.

First of all, I have what some would call an overactive imagination.  I would say that is an understatement. I have the ability to get so wrapped up in my thoughts that I lose track of time and space.  Writing music does that to me as well (my degree is in music), although I don’t compose anymore. It was mainly an academic exercise while I was in school, but one I thoroughly enjoyed.  My husband swears I get abducted.

Mostly, though, my imagination (if in fact it was my imagination) was cultivated as a result of the setting and scenery of my childhood.  I grew up in a rural valley farming community set on the Sacramento River in California. It was rich with river bottom soil as well as history and lore.  It was a town of generational lineages of wealthy landowners and not so wealthy hispanic laborers. Colusa also had a small chinese immigrant population who frequented the opium dens in a network of tunnels starting from buildings built by wealthy chinese merchants then wormed under the streets and terminated at the water side of the levees.  There were rumors of Tong wars, opium dens, prostitution, and murder.  These buildings were reported to have been built on prehistoric indian burial grounds so the fodder for paranormal mythos was built in to the area.  If you are interested in seeing historical pictures and information about Colusa, here is a good resource.

We lived in a bungalow style house built in 1927.  My mother was a single parent who taught grade school after having divorced my father and she, my brother, sister, and myself lived in the dark, foreboding house for the first 14 years of my life.  

I frequently had nightmares, but one night in particular, my sister who is an artist primed the pump by drawing a picture of the “One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater” (the name of a popular song at the time) on a chalkboard in my bedroom.  She told me it was hiding under my bed. I didn’t really believe her, but that picture kept staring at me.  I finally got up and erased it.

Later as I was starting to drift off to sleep, I turned over in bed and saw people walking through my bedroom.  They were translucent and dressed in turn of the century attire; women in long dresses wearing stoles and hats, and men wearing dress-up jackets and some were also wearing hats. They didn’t see me, obviously from a different dimension.  I had a sense that they were walking to a party or dance.

I was terrified!  I got up and started to run down the hall to my mom’s room but ran smack into my sister’s  bed. Her room was right between mine and the hallway. She sat straight up in bed and started screaming.  I started screaming. At that point, I was so scared I was paralyzed and I felt like cobwebs were wrapping around me.  My mother was running down the hall in her pajamas, laughing. Then my sister started laughing. I was mortified but my mother rescued me and I slept with her that night.

I do also recall being in the bathroom in that house one morning.  Someone had left a wet wash rag on the hamper that was right across from the toilet and sink.  I was brushing my teeth and the wash rag flew across the room and landed on the back of the toilet.  These kinds of things happened periodically so I didn’t think too much about it. Many years later, as adults, I found out that my sister, who had had a deep, dank, and narrow walk-in closet in her room, had also seen people in that closet, which ran parallel to my bedroom.

I never wanted to be psychic.  I never wanted to see dead people so I just resisted it all my life, mostly successfully.

My husband and I lived in Paradise, California for many years (the town that just burned to the ground, including the house we lived in).  This was a house that we bought and fixed up when I was in the real estate business.

I never felt comfortable on one side of the house.  The people that lived there before us had problems, and in particular one son.  He was an easily angered person and went to prison for trying to murder one of his girlfriends whom he left for dead.  She survived and lived to tell about it. The house itself had been neglected for many years and the vibes were very negative, but after we fixed it up, I thought that would change.  It didn’t. The residual energy was still there. Who knows what other things took place there?

One night my husband was on assignment for several days so I slept in his bed.  I was listening to the radio as I was drifting off, then the clock radio cycled off.  I turned over to turn it back on and I saw, hovering in the air, convicts in black and white striped prisoner’s garb and wearing what appeared to be civil war era type hats, again translucent.  They were chained together and sitting on a hillside facing uphill to the right.

I was freaked out.  I turned away then turned back, thinking if they weren’t still there, I was just dreaming.  They were still there. Terrified, I decided to just ignore them since they didn’t see me and I turned back over, turned the radio back on to distract me, and eventually went to sleep.  I never knew what that was all about but I never slept in that room again. A friend of mine who was somewhat psychic said it might have just been an imprint from another era, but I think it was the result of the bad residual energy.

I don’t know, though, if energy comes in good or bad flavors, but I do think it affects how we experience things.  My husband and I live in Texas now in a fairly new house (2005). I started up my little FaerieDustOnline business and started collecting merchandise.  I have had a ball doing this; buying things that make me happy to be around and hoping it would also make other people happy as well.  

I have a large walk-in closet that I felt would work well for storage as most of the merchandise is small.  We put up shelves and sorted the merchandise. I found myself going in there all the time because I loved looking at all the stuff, and it smelled good, and the energy was very positive.  But as time went on, I started noticing little things at night. At first, if I had to get up at night, I would see little shadow things about 1 foot off the floor, like they were chasing each other around.  I didn’t think much of it. Then I started to feel something bump my bed or touch me. I thought it was one of my cats jumping on the bed. I would reach over and nothing was there. Ok, we recently had a cat we’d had for 19 years put to sleep.  I can buy it’s possible he is still hanging around. But night time events kept getting more intense. I didn’t feel it was malevolent activity but it would startle me as I was sleeping.

I began to wonder if I had opened some kind of supernatural portal with the type of merchandise I have; divination stuff, amulets, crystals, pyramids, etc. I felt like something was messing with me, like mischievous activity.  It reminded me of an episode of “Charmed: House Call”  where residual energy from vanquishing so many demons was wreaking havoc with the Halliwell household.  Finally, I called a psychic and asked him about it. He asked me if I have a lot of crystals and other energy generating merchandise.  I told him I did and he said I had to move them away from the bedroom. He said that can certainly cause events like I was experiencing but assured me my house isn’t haunted.  Energy just does what energy does. It can be quite random. The passed cat, however was probably still around, like I thought, and that’s fine.

It took about a week for things to calm down after moving all the energy generating items out of the closet and now I am sleeping well.  He gave me a lovely reading and I got to connect with both my Grandmother and my Mother. I always thought a ‘’medium” reading would be scary but it wasn’t.  It was very comforting and loving, with lots of validation. I am so grateful I called him. His name is Steve Spur, in case anyone would like to talk to him.  I have linked his website.

So, if any of you have been experiencing odd occurrences at night, or even during the day, check first to see if you have any energy generating items that could influence your environment.  You can also try clearing your house with smudge sticks, or hire someone to do it for you.

I have learned a lot on this journey and look forward to learning more.  All the wonders of this universe are beyond comprehension, but there is a purpose to everything under heaven.

I would love to hear from you about your psychic or energy experiences.  Leave comments here.

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