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Duality Part 2: “As Above, So Below”

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People seem to struggle with the issue of Duality, as do I.  It just doesn’t seem right. Is it something we just have to endure in our physical life?  What is the reason for it?

I think some of the reason is that we know there is a spiritual part of us, but we have not reconciled with the logistics of it.  Churches tell us the only way we can access spirituality is through the dogma of each religion. Scientists tells us it’s not real because it’s not science, but does acknowledge now there are some kinds of psycho/placebo responses sometimes when outcomes are unexplainable.

We all identify ourselves with some kind of relationship to spirituality from no spirituality at all, to all Spirit where this physical life is an illusion.  Maybe there is another approach, perhaps another middle ground so to speak.

Feeling Ageless

As I was getting ready to do a Tarot reading for myself one day, I was reaching to the lower level of my end table where I kept my Tarot book and cards, I was stopped in my tracks.  I felt strongly a real presence of myself.  It was that one everyone gets from time to time where you get confused as you get older, because despite what your body is doing, you don’t feel any different inside.  My usual number is that I don’t feel a day over 19. Then we dismiss this as wishful thinking. What if it wasn’t?

That day, the feeling was that I was the same person I have always been and it defied time and space, and distance.  I felt the like person I have always been without having aged as well as still being in the same place, even though I have moved a lot in my life.  It was like having watched a movie and gotten so wrapped up in it you felt you had experienced a lifetime traversing the world in a couple of hours.  When the movie was over, you discovered you were still the same person as when you first arrived.  This may not make sense to you but it was like a more vertical time experience than linear.  I will explain this later.

 So I went ahead and started my reading.  I chose a card in my deck that was one of the major Arcana, Key XXI.  The Universe. The Tarot set I use is called Tarot of the Spirit by Pamela Eakins, PhD.  This is one of the most resourceful and spiritual Tarot books I have come across and always stimulates advanced spiritual thought in me.

 In this Arcana, I started reading the Meditation section which I almost never do.  There was a section that said,

“The Universe, one verse, one turn

One song

Hailed on Earth as it is in Heaven

One Will

Done on Earth as it is in Heaven

One Life

Lived on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

I got to thinking, perhaps there is no separation, no duality.  Perhaps we live in a Universe where the physical plane and the spiritual plane co-exist.  We tend to feel so separated from the spiritual realm because we have been told they are different but I am beginning to think they are simultaneous and integrated.

Eakins further says,

“Through this magical window [between the physical and the spiritual], you can see your steps laid out before and behind.  In reviewing these steps, it appears as if you have been traversing the Earth incessantly. But where have you actually gone?  It appears now that you have traveled forever, but you have gone nowhere!”

“You feel, in some ways, just like you did at the beginning.”  

This is exactly how I was perceiving things that day.

“As above, so below”  

This phrase, “As above, so below”, I learned when I was training to be a Reiki Master and was commonly used in different attunements and healing techniques.  I have since heard it used often in a Metaphysical sense but never thought much about it thinking it was defining the difference between a spiritual “heaven” (perfect) and a physical “earth” (imperfect).  Now I think what it is saying is that it’s all the same existence, a shared existence in which we have access to all the divine answers right here and right now. We just have to remove ourselves from the fallacy of perfectionism and experience life as a human with all the flaws and gooey stuff, and trust that our “salvation” lies in acknowledging the lack of duality with a willingness to trust the Spiritual “US” when we need to.

“What is the beginning?  Did you not begin to re-member WHO YOU ARE?  Did you not learn that the illumination you sought without was within you all along?  Did you not see that you ARE the illumination you sought without?  The point never was the distance from whence you came in the world of matter, nor to where you fathomed you were going in that world, but the discovery of WHO YOU ARE.   The purpose of the journey is the discovery of the inner self….Your physical body has been the vehicle of your discovery.” *

So back to my experience of my Self being as it has always been and transcending time and space, and even distance.  Perhaps this phenomena of feeling like you have never aged is the real reality. Perhaps this is the eternal YOU that is in the non-eternal body/vehicle that will get you through this physical life.  I told you I would get back to you about a vertical time experience versus a linear one.

Linear vs. Vertical Time

We are all used to the linear time experience that runs from past to future, but perhaps when we mentally and emotionally have that sense of time not passing, we are actually tapping into the eternal self, vertical time.  It doesn’t move, it doesn’t travel, but it can be experienced. It is the only explanation. Instead of thinking it is wishful thinking, I challenge all of us to pay attention to that Self instead of blowing it off, and see if we can see more.  This is new to me, too, so I will be doing this experiment with you.

Here is an even greater challenge.  This one I can attest to. In order to tap into that spiritual side of us, because we have never really known how to do this (except prayer works for some, but then that separates you from spirit again), when a worrisome situation comes up try to set aside worry and just know that the Universe will take care of things in the ways they need to be taken care of.  Get out of your own way.  Do what you can, then wait, watch, and trust.  Don’t give in to helplessness.  Pay attention to “signs and wonders”.  When we project worry or helplessness to the Universe, it tends to mess things up, Universally.

A psychic one told me there are no coincidences.  Everything happens for a reason and in its own time.  I have come to believe this. You will understand things, sometimes later rather than sooner, but most of the time you will “get it” at some point.

I would love to hear your responses and words of enlightenment if you have some to share.  Please leave your comments below.


* From Tarot of the Spirit, by Pamela Eakins

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