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How to Choose Gifts: A Helpful Guide

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Let me start by saying, people ask me why I started Faerie Dust, my gift store.  At first I started it to provide gifts for like-minded people. The idea was to open a brick and mortar store, but it occurred to me that I could “open” it online and open a brick and mortar store later.

I dedicated myself to buying merchandise that I really like, not just any merchandise to fill space, but beautiful, cheerful, and unique things that have purpose, even if that purpose is just to make someone else (or myself) happy.  Supporting artisans who hand-make their products is also important. These products go beyond just gifts that are manufactured and are made with Love and their own personal touches.  Our website features these artisans and their stories as well as their products.

The third, and biggest reason is that gift giving brings people together.  It connects us. It shows you care and have thought about someone else enough to buy a gift.  Connecting with others is so important, especially in this day and age when we are so divided.  It says, regardless of our differences, I still care about you.

From a metaphysical point of view 

I was reading in Tarot of the Spirit, by Pamela Eakins, PhD, and a paragraph in the Nine of Water stood out to me.  It said,

“As we journey into the cosmic sea of Yesod [unconscious mind], we see the reflected images of the collective unconscious, that unconscious mind which we share with each other.  Once we have accessed the collective unconscious via inward travel…we begin to understand our Self as we understand others. We begin to understand that we are each a separate spark of the One, and yet we are the One.  With acceptance that I am you and you are me, while we are at the same time, unique and separately beautiful individuals, we begin to move into a deep and real harmonious love.”

That is the bottom line, making that connection with the collective consciousness, and gift giving is a wonderful way to contribute to that end.  “The more we come together, the happier we’ll be.” There is truth in the words of that little song.

How to choose Gifts

So all that being said, let’s talk about gift giving.  I have heard so many people say something like,

“I just don’t know what to give to Sally.  She has everything!” “I have no idea what Sally likes or needs.”

Buying people what they want or need is one way to decide on gifts, but here is a perspective you may not have thought about; what you give to someone as a gift reflects how YOU feel about them.  When choosing a gift for someone ask yourself if that gift reflects your personal feelings about them. Hopefully, that is a good thing. Also, does that gift remind you of them? Sometimes gifts speak to you regarding others.  If you don’t like them but have to buy them a gift, buy something that makes YOU happy. It is likely that if it makes you happy, it will make them happy, or at least they will know you were wanting to share something to make them happy because it makes you happy.  You know, that collective consciousness thing. Worst case, it’s the thought that counts. This approach makes gift buying and gift giving much more pleasurable.

The gifts at Faerie Dust are personally selected by me.  

I love all my merchandise, and when I sell it, I am connecting with the buyer, and they will connect with the person receiving the gift.  What a lovely way to support this chain of collective consciousness. Faerie Dust gifts go the extra mile of gift giving because the artisan gifts are unique and one of a kind.  They demonstrate you like them enough that you went out of your way to find something no one else has, something with purpose, and that you are supporting individual artisans. I can’t think of a better kind of gift.  

Faerie Dust brings these lovely gifts together on one website,  Our gifts are affordable so you don’t have to break the bank to show you care and we are constantly getting new things and/or new vendors all the time, again, personally selected by me.

By the way, if you want the gift giving experience to be complete from beginning to end, we also have some adorable, elegant, and artistic gift wraps and greeting cards that are made by artisans/designers.  Start the smiles even before they open the gifts.

So make sure there is a little bit of you in the gifts you give and make those connections that are so important.  I hope this makes your gift buying and gift giving a little more pleasurable for both you and the gift recipient. Share the Love!

How to Choose Gifts: A Helpful Guide
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How to Choose Gifts: A Helpful Guide
Do you have trouble selecting gifts? Buying people what they want or need is one way to decide on gifts, but here is a perspective you may not have considered.
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