I am Christine, the founder of Faerie Dust and this is a little bit about me.

  I am a 66 year old retired woman at the time of this writing.  You may be thinking, “What is she retired from?” Well, I retired from the Real Estate profession, as a vocal arts musician and choir director, and as a music teacher at a local Community College as well as giving private lessons.   I could go on but I won’t bore you with my resumé. Let’s just say I have done a LOT of things in my life.

So what did retirement do for me?  I thought, at long last, I could just hang out and read or watch TV or do whatever I wanted to do.  I’m not a hobby person, I’m not domestic, I’m not a joiner of clubs. Guess what? I got bored and started having health issues.

I grew up in a Metaphysical family where so many of my beliefs and perspectives were instilled in me from a very young age.  However, being basically a skeptic, I decided to explore many other religious persuasions, but ultimately my upbringing called me home.  Metaphysics and New Age beliefs were where I settled. BUT, I’m still a skeptic, even though I am a Reiki Master and Tarot card reader and I do wear my Happiness Amulet made by one of our artists, Linda Kelly, who is a good witch (see Jewelry)
. I have to admit, Reiki has a whole lot to do with keeping me balanced and centered.

Why not explore what the Universe has to offer?  Sometimes we keep ourselves closed off to so many possibilities.  B
e willing to try out new ideas, even if you are a skeptic like me.  I keep exploring and I keep learning.  Some things I embrace and some things I leave behind.  All things educate me and I can speak from personal experience, not a prescribed mythology.

So in my boredom and health recovery, I finally started feeling better and not ready to retire.  In pondering what I should do with my life, I felt I wanted to start a positive New Age Metaphysical Store, where people could buy positive and possibly helpful gifts for themselves and others.  If nothing else, it could inspire smiles and remind us about the good things in life and about ourselves.  Thus the birth of FaerieDustOnline.com  

Having come from a long line of artists, I felt the importance of including merchandise created by artisans whose hearts and souls are in their works.  These gifts are so much more meaningful than just the merchandise they represent. Please enjoy looking at and purchasing these beautiful gifts into which creativity and love is infused.  You will find a little section about each artist as well as their wares on their pages.

I also need to mention the most important thing in my life; my little family.  I live with my loving and supportive husband, Jim, who encourages me in whatever I want to do in life, and 2 furry cats, Shelly and Alicia, who encourage me when they feel like it.

Welcome to our Home!

“The Force will be with you…always.”– Obi-Wan Kenobi