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Do you have interesting, unique, beautiful, and artisan made products you would like to sell on the internet but don’t want the expense and hassle of maintaining a website?  Faerie Dust can help.

We offer a low cost, low hassle avenue for you to sell your wares through our Marketplace.

Let’s get right to it:  The cost of being in our Marketplace is $5.00 per month, and a 20% commission to Faerie Dust only when you sell something.  You will be responsible for shipping (cost and actual shipping) and any required taxes (check your own state’s tax laws).  That’s It!  Easy peasy!

Faerie Dust will help you get your “shop” set up and assist in technical support.  We work closely with our vendors to make sure they have the best experience.

You will need to fill out an application and be approved.  Approval criteria will be based on the quality of the products and if we feel your products fit with our mission.  If you are turned down, it probably is not due to problems with your products.  It is probably more likely that your products don’t fit with ours.  For example, if you sell anti-wrinkle dryer balls, this would not fit with the types of products we sell.

Right now we have basic Terms and Conditions for our website, but will probably add more if issues arise that need mediating.  You will agree to abide by any terms and conditions we deem necessary to continue to sell on Faerie Dust.

So there you go.  If you would like to sell on Faerie Dust, fill out the form below to apply.  We would love to see what you’ve got.

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