Cranberry Sauce with Maple Sugar


Organic Fruit & Spice Preserves & Jams: Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Sauce, Chutneys, Marmalades, Herb Jellies and Pepper Balsamics made with local small farm and wild, organically grown, hand picked fruits, organic cane juice sugar, organic citrus, organic peppers, organic balsamic vinegar, organic spices, organic vanilla bean, natural sea salt.

Taste the Quality in every bite. Great on toast, biscuits, scones or bagels. Serve as an hors d’oeuvre with goat’s cheese, brie, camembert or cream cheese. Delicious served as a side condiments for meats, game, chicken and fish.

Hand crafted in small batches just like our grandmothers made. Slow cooked old fashioned process with no commercial pectin. All boiling water processed for a naturally long shelf life. All hand labelled by our community artisans with hand written, natural kraft unbleached labels.

Open a few jars and gather on a gorgeous wooden cutting board with a selection of fresh cheeses, bread and fruit – Pinterestly perfect presentation and artisan gourmet appies in minutes!

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