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The Magic of WebTV


Hello fellow earth dwellers and mindful beings!  Welcome to my first  Reflecting Pool Blog about WebTV Magic.

I am so happy to get started on this, finally!  I have been plagued with a broken wrist since Thanksgiving day when I tripped and fell over a cat toy I didn’t see.  I told the cats over and over again they had to put away their toys, so I grounded them! So now, after about four weeks I am able to use my fingers enough to start my Reflecting Pool Blog.

The name of my blog has many meanings and memories for me.  It was the name of a chat room I discovered around 1998, when I got my first “computer” called WebTV.  Prior to that I had an old Tandy word processor that got me through college for which I was deeply thankful.  I am the world’s worst typist. I went through my undergrad days typing and erasing and typing and erasing and and cussing profusely, but somehow I got though it.  But going though graduate school to get my teaching credential and Master’s Degree would have been entirely impossible as I believe I wrote the equivalent of a large book during my studies.  

Internet was entirely new to me.  My neighbor, who made custom computers tried to set me up with a great computer deal, but I was too intimidated, so he talked me into getting a Web TV.  It changed my world. One night my boyfriend’s teenage daughter spent the night with me to show me the ropes (chat). I was intrigued, it was totally magicical!

The next day, timidly, I started looking though different chat rooms.  I was not interested in the types of chat rooms that were mostly about “picking up” or “flirting” with other people.  I found those to be very boring. I then stumbled on the “Reflecting Pool” which was a moderated discussion room that was New Age and Metaphysically inspired.  I knew a little about Metaphysics, having been raised in a Metaphyisical religion, but what was this “New Age” stuff? After spending some time there chatting, I felt I finally found people who thought the same way I did about spiritual things but was always afraid to say in a basically Judeo-Christian community, or even the whole nation at that time.  I drank it in and felt I couldn’t get enough.

In the Reflecting Pool I met our best friends to this day.  They were moderators in the chat room and I eventually met them.  I also met my husband there. He was friends with one of the new best friends, so I felt it would be ok to meet him and he wouldn’t be a predator.  We fell in love and now 20 years we are still happily married.

My memories of that chat room on webtv were some of my favorite memories of my life.  I no longer felt spiritually alone and I laughed at times until I cried. I explored new spiritual concepts in a safe venue.  I was able to just be myself as I tended to be awkward socially in the “real world” and I was so surprised to find out that if I was just myself, people liked me!  How about that! Over time I have been learning to be comfortable with myself, and not every person in the world is going to like me. That’s ok. I don’t have to please everyone.  

One of the most magical moments of my life was a Chat Meetup.  I don’t remember if that was what it was called, but that’s what it was.  The first time I actually met in person many of the people I had chatted with, it was actually like meeting characters who stepped right out of the TV set.  I had a hard time wrapping my head around that.  I felt as if I was in an altered state of consciousness.  And with all the New Wave conversations going on, there’s no doubt I felt that I was feeling a natural high!  

WebTV and the Reflecting Pool opened a whole new magical world of self exploration and spirituality for me and got me started on a new spiritual journey that I continually explore and learn about, for which I will be forever grateful.   My spiritual growth now takes me to a place where I want to share with the world.  I had dreams of starting a store that would have merchandise that would be uplifting, spiritually inspiring, and generally promote joy and happiness.  It occurred to me I could open it online and I could also have a blog where like-minded people could share their spiritual insights.  

Do I still chat?  No, it served it’s purpose.  It never was quite the same after that, as are with all things we outgrow.  When I was taking an Economics class many years ago the teacher mentioned what I think was a principle of Economics that said, “If you are not going forward, you are going backwards.”  Status Quo doesn’t really exist.  Learn what you need to know then move on.

So here we are, finally at the Reflecting Pool.  I would love to hear from you and your feedback about this blog and/or about the store: