Spice Blends Garden Curry 2 oz


Made with Love Garden Curry Spice Blends

One of our most popular Spice Blends, Garden Curry appeals to all taste buds, even many who “think” they dislike curries, spicing up many previously “curry-free” relationships! A rich mild blend of sweet & savory curry spices with a sweet mix of garden vegetables but not too much heat. We call it a passport to the land of curries, loved by traditional tasters and those with a taste for the exotic. Fabulous in a whole grain hot pot, stirfry or soup. We love it in vegan coconut cream, cooked in a quinoa, on chicken, fish or as a creamy curry pasta! A rich & flavourful sunshine cream in dips or creamcheese!

INGREDIENTS: dried: spices, herbs, carrots, peppers, onion, garlic, potatoes, leeks & cabbage, raw turbinado sugar, sea salt.

Made with Love Spice Blends are “All in One Package” Dip Mix / BBQ Grill Rub / Pasta Sauce Mix / Salad Dressing Mix / Balsamic Bread Dip with recipes on every bottle. Just add a couple of fresh ingredients and Voila!

All Made with Love Spice Blends are gluten-free, dairy free, and vegan.

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