Karma Spiral S for Karma Gift Giving

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Karma Spirals For Good Karma and Good Luck

Discover the experience of Karma Spirals!  The flying saucer shape has swirls of colors spiraled from the edges to the center point. And since spirals are recognized as a universal symbol of life, energy, health, rebirth, eternity, love, growth and evolution, they make perfect gifts for any occasion!  People also keep them as personal amulets or talismans to bring good luck and good karma, and as protection from danger or harm. Perfect for Karma gift giving.

GREAT FOR ANXIETY/STRESS RELIEF: Karma Spirals can be put on a shelf to admire, or held in your hand to fidget with when nervous, bored, meditating, wishing, hoping, concentrating, relaxing, etc. Karma Spirals help to release negative energy and bring harmony to your universe. It’s like an adult fidget spinner, and it even spins! By handling Karma Spirals over time, the natural oils in the owner’s skin help to burnish, or buff it, making it smooth, slightly shiny, and totally personal.

These little treasures are ceramic, made from polymer clay, inks and sometimes silver, copper of gold leaf for a bit of sparkle. Each one is handmade so no two Karma Spirals are exactly alike. Wouldn’t good karma and good luck be a unique gift?  And don’t forget yourself!! You deserve to hold a little happiness in your hand as well.


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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 in