Elder Futhark Adventurine Runes Set


Green Hand Carved Gemstone Runes

Beautiful and unique, set of 25 Pc Jade Rune set.

Runes are tools used for divination and opening up psychic awareness, great for Reiki and other Metaphysical practices. They are a set of 24 tiles or stones that contain primitive carvings of characters or letters. Runes are also used to gain messages and spiritual insight. Although not as well known as some divinatory methods, using Rune stones can provide you another alternative for conversing with your Higher Self and the Universe.

The engraving on these stones are the ancient elder Futhark runes, which are the eldest known runic alphabet. This makes this set perfect for Wiccans and Pagans as each stone has magical properties.

* P.S: As this Rune set is purely handmade of natural stones, please allow minor deviation in looks, feel and size of product.

Stone: Jade | Color: Green.
Stone Size: 12-15 mm (approx).

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Weight 13 oz
Dimensions 24 × 3 × 3 in