Fertility Amulet Necklace-Silver


Amulet Description

This beautiful necklace set in silver was made by a witch with the best intentions and good vibes. It is Reiki charged to bring powerful healing light into your home. Each amulet includes a mixture of homegrown herbs, dried flowers, and healing crystals to bring your desires to manifestation.  It is jewelry with a mission, and beautiful, too!

This pendant is covered with beautiful Moonstones, they are very powerful since it is aligned with the energy of the moon which has a feminine energy. Historically, when moonstone was placed under a full moon to be charged with the energy of the divine feminine, it could significantly help with fertility. This is the most important stone to keep around you as you’re trying to conceive.

Moonstone is a master healer for women – it brings soothing, healing calm energy and helps regain back your power and inner balance.

Peace and Happiness

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 3 in