Protection Amulet Necklace – Bronze


Amulet Description

This beautiful necklace was made by a witch with the best intentions and good vibes. It is Reiki charged to bring powerful healing light into your home. Each amulet includes a mixture of homegrown herbs, dried flowers, and healing crystals to bring your desires to manifestation.

This beautiful amulet contains three crystals, Malachite, Lapis, and Red Agate.

Known in the crystal healing world as a WARRIOR STONE, Malachite serves as a guardian of the heart.

In ancient Persia and pre-Columbian America, Lapis was a symbol of the starry night, and a favorite stone of the Islamic Orient for PROTECTION from the evil eye. Also a stone of TRUTH, Lapis encourages honesty of the spirit, and in the spoken and written word.

Fire Agate PROTECTS home and family if placed on an outside sill. In the workplace, it is a crystal of ambition and high achievement. As a support stone, Fire Agate is a SAFEGUARD over water for airplane and airline workers, and ensures PROTECTION around high energy for electricians.

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 3 in