Pesto Garlic Spice Blend 4.5 oz


4.5 oz medi size Pesto Garlic Spice Blend

Our most versatile, best-selling Pesto Garlic Spice blend is gorgeous in pasta, sauces, soups on veggies meats and fish. Rich basil, oregano blossoms and fresh garden herbs with raw and caramelized garlic tones, finished with cracked black peppercorns and coarse sea salt. Simply delicious in salads, tofu, eggs, potatoes, breads or on the barbeque. Pesto Garlic is the crowned king of our 100% natural, Eco Gourmet Spice Blends.

This adorable 4.5 oz medi size glass bottle is hand dipped in natural small farm beeswax.

Everything at Made with Love is made from natural, non-irradiated and organic ingredients. We work hard to source from small organic farmers often and everything we create is made lovingly by real human hands.

Ingredients: dried herbs & spices, garlic, raw unbleached turbinado sugar, sea salt.

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