Spice Blends Country Onion 2 oz

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Country Onion is a traditional mix of fresh sun dried garden herbs

Finished with caramelized onions, chives, cracked black pepper and natural mineral rich sea salt. Country Onion is the best spice blend for chicken or turkey – sprinkle it all over the skin and into your stuffing mix! An extremely versatile blend, spectacular on poultry or eggs, fabulous for potatoes and herbed rice. Love it for savoury herb biscuits, a classic dip mix, buttermilk ranch style dressing and in creamcheese on a bagel. A “have to” for mixing into your burgers or meat loaf or rub on your meats for the grill.

INGREDIENTS: dried: herbs & spices, onion, unbleached raw turbinado sugar & natural sea salt.

Made with Love Spice Blends are “All in One Package” Dip Mix / BBQ Grill Rub / Pasta Sauce Mix / Salad Dressing Mix / Balsamic Bread Dip with recipes on every bottle. Just add a couple of fresh ingredients and Voila! Tell all your friends I made it myself – its Made with Love.

All Made with Love Spice Blends are gluten-free, dairy free, and vegan.

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