Spice Blends Crimson Love 2 oz

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Crimson Love is our Wild & Whimsical Garlic Lover’s Spice Blend

Rich fresh Garlic Spice Blends with hints of rosemary in a base of RAW dried ground organic beets, carrots, spinach and nori. Developed with our sugar free / salt free friends in mind this blend’s natural sweet & saltiness comes from whole vegetable sources. Wonderful for dips, dressings or pretty pink pasta!

This blend TASTES like garlic and rosemary, but all those awesome organic veggies are hiding within, waiting to give you a huge whole food nutritional boost as you chow down on gorgeous linguine or Buckwheat Soba.

Crimson Love Spice Blend tossed on raw veggie noodles with a little water, olive oil, sea salt & engevita nutritional yeast is the HandCraft Dinner / “Mac & Cheese” of the RAW Food World.

INGREDIENTS: dried: beet, garlic, spinach, carrot, herbs and spices, nori flakes.

Our Kitchens blend products with legumes, nuts, dairy, wheat & other known allergens. We conscientiously clean between all batches with our allergenic loved ones in mind.


Made with Love Spice Blends are “All in One Package” Dip Mix / BBQ Grill Rub / Pasta Sauce Mix / Salad Dressing Mix / Balsamic Bread Dip with recipes on every bottle. Just add a couple of fresh ingredients and Voila! Tell all your friends I made it myself – its Made with Love.

All Made with Love Spice Blends are gluten-free, dairy free, and vegan.

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