Spice Blends Prima Vera 2 oz

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Prima Vera is a wonderful blend of sun dried tomato, sweet pepper and Italian herbs and spices.

A Fabulous Magic Pasta Sauce Mix – Try this Prima Vera blend for creamy, red or clear pasta sauces, salad dressings, soups, in creamcheese on a bagel it is heavenly, dips and as a spanish-style rice side dish. Gorgeous on chicken or fish or for a magic ratatouille just saute with a little butter, wine and Mediterranean vegetables. Add Chicken for No Work Cacciatore. Or try Veggie Pasta Noodles & coconut milk for a RAW VEGAN or Paleo Creamy Pasta Sauce Mix – totally awesome.

Prima Vera INGREDIENTS: dried: vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, onions) herbs, spices, & sea salt.

Made with Love Spice Blends are “All in One Package” Dip Mix / BBQ Grill Rub / Pasta Sauce Mix / Salad Dressing Mix / Balsamic Bread Dip with recipes on every bottle. Just add a couple of fresh ingredients and Voila!All Made with Love Spice Blends are gluten-free, dairy free, and vegan.

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