Plants Taste Better – Plant Based Cookbook


Plant-based recipes, from root to fruit: Plants Taste Better

Plants take center stage in this beautiful book, Plants Taste Better, from award-winning chef Richard Buckley, proprietor of the critically acclaimed vegetarian Acorn Restaurant in Bath. With over 70 delicious, thoughtful and mouth-watering vegan recipes, ranging from the simple to the stand-out, it will guide and inspire you to make even the most knobbly and overlooked of ingredients shine – and persuade even the most carnivorous that plants can, and should, be at the center of our plates. It’s amazing what you can accomplish in your kitchen when you combine center-staging vegetables alongside a deeper understanding of the techniques required to make the ingredients shine – move aside meat, it’s time to give plants the spotlight in the kitchen!

Plants Taste Better is not a manual, it is a series of practical examples for cooking plants carefully and with skill at home, taking into consideration the raw ingredient itself, the craft traditions that surround it and the culinary principles of fine cookery. It is not necessary to cook every recipe or to cook every part of every plate of food, but I hope the idea that plants can be cooked with grace will permeate through everything you produce and will influence the way that you look at plants from that point onward.

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