Dark Green Ceramic Pomegranates Set


Ornate Ceramic Pomegranate Set of 3

Pomegranates represent prosperity and good luck in many cultures around the world.  They are also known for many health benefits going back to Ancient Egypt times as well as today.  These Ceramic Pomegranates are handmade in Turkey, which is within the Mediterranean regions where this tradition originated. Each set has large, medium, and small sized matching pomegranates, creating a beautiful grouping for tabletops or wall shelves.

These are wonderful gifts for any occasion, sharing a lovely tradition of well wishes and prosperity. In some traditions, they are even thought to ward off the evil eye! Since they are handmade, there will be some slight irregularities in the end products, which is to be expected from hand crafted products.

Give the gift that says, “I want you to know I only wish the best for you.”

Pomegranate Dimensions are approximately (may vary slightly):

  • Large diameter and height: 4.5″
  • Medium diameter and height: 3.75″
  • Small diameter and height: 2.75″

For more information about the History and Traditions of Pomegranates, read the blog entry “The Symbolism and Beauty of Pomegranates

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Weight 40 oz
Dimensions 16 × 9 × 9 in


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