Moroccan Pillar Candle – Cassis Noir


Moroccan Inspired Pillar Candle

This Moroccan Pillar Candle is not only beautifully designed visually, but it is made with palm wax.  Palm oil is steam-distilled without the use of chemicals. With regular palm wax, the oil is then hydrogenated (hardened) into wax and does not require harmful chemicals. Palm wax candles are very hard, smooth and dry.  They can withstand summer heat without bending or melting and don’t have an “oily” feel.  Many people say they burn brighter than other candles.

The Cassis Noir Candle is scented with Cassis Noir and blackberry, then blended with violet, rose, and plum, then blended again with musky oud, shimmering vanilla, and orris. Oud is one of the most expensive and desireable perfume ingredients in the world and comes from the wood of the tropical Agar (Aquilaria) tree.  Naturally aged Orris Root butter (the equivalent of absolute that they get from it) is terribly expensive and comes from Iris roots.

Burn time: Up to 60 hours.

Size: 3″ X 3″ X 4″

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Weight 14.08 oz
Dimensions 4.6 × 3.3 × 3.3 in


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