Paleo Five Pack Artisan Spice Blends


Paleo Five Pack Artisan Spice Blends

This Paleo Five Pack Artisan Spice Blends with Recipes for Grain-Free Dairy-Free Pasta, Aztec Chocolate Cake, and more makes learning to live on your grain-free / dairy-free diet so easy.

Crimson Love, Jalapeno Roots & Prima Vera are Gorgeous blends of organic dried ground veggies, herbs, spices. Great whole food nutrition with even better gourmet flavour for all your cooking!

Pesto Garlic is a versatile dairy-free, nut-free dried pesto blend of fresh herbs, garlic, natural sea salt, & cracked black peppercorns, balanced with a little Turbinado.

Aztec Chocolate is a gorgeous rich dairy free dark chili-chocolate* blend rich with raw cacao, vanilla beans, coffee notes and cinnamon highlights. Gently sweetened with raw unbleached natural Turbinado Cane Juice Crystals.

Cooking with Made with Love is so easy! 100% natural, handcrafted artisan blends of veggies, herbs and spices. Simple pantry staples made with heartwarming real whole foods, traditional blends with a twist of fusion fare & earth trekking adventure… feed yourself and your loved ones very well, while simultaneously nourishing self with calm simplicity and ease.

*This Aztec Chocolate is very spicy-hot!  If you like hot food you will love it, otherwise you might want to mix it with other food or drinks that will tone it down.  The flavor is delicious!

~Christine, Founder Faerie Dust Online

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