Faerie Dust New Front Page

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Faerie Dust is proud to present a new website dedicated to supporting the Arts:  Masterworkarts.com.

We offer works of fine art from around the world.  If you also want to support the arts and artists, visit this website, look around, and if you find something you would like to add to your art collection, purchasing some of this lovely offering on this website will allow us to expand the collection of artists whose works for whom we are providing this avenue of exposure.  It is a win-win-win situation:  You, Us, and the Artists.  These would make lovely everlasting gifts for special people in your life.  Please visit our website and enjoy the original works of art we display.

~Christine Kerr


Christine PictureFaerie Dust Online is a Dream Come True

This is a place to purchase positive “feel good” gifts and we have something for everyone. It is inspired by Metaphysical and New Age aesthetics, however, the main emphasis is about spreading joy, hope, and optimism and we offer gift merchandise that everyone will enjoy.

Faerie Dust strives to offer unique, special gifts that uplift the spirit. We accomplish this by hand-picking all our products and seek artisans from around the world whenever possible so that you know the gift you are giving will be one of a kind. Each artisan product is made from the hearts and souls of the artists and infused with Love, and may even support the artists’ means of making a living.

We want your experience here to be as delightful for you as it is for us, our goal being to share the happiness and good feelings. That is what we are all about.